Suggestions for a camera for taking butterfly photo's

D.P.Howson D.P.Howson at
Sun Feb 28 17:31:40 EST 1999

Mark, I use an Olympus SLR C1000-L digital camera, and have no difficulty getting close enough to butterflies for decent size photographs. The quality is reasonable for pictures up to 6x4 inches.

Others have suggested excellent cameras for higher quality pictures.Personally, being old and weak,I find most SLRs with macro lenses rather heavy to lug about all day.I am trying a Canon SLR EOS 500N with the new 105mm Sigma macro this year, hoping this combination will give good results for less weight. 

From: 	Mark Litjens[SMTP:litjens at]
Sent: 	26 February 1999 19:11
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Subject: 	Suggestions for a camera for taking butterfly photo's

Can anyone suggest a good lens/camera body combination for taking
photo's of butterflies please.

For instance is it worth using a digital camera or SLR, though i guess
it might be difficult getting close enough using a digital camera.

Thanks, Mark

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