Suggestions for a camera for taking butterfly photo's

P.J.C. Snow paulg7jrx at
Sun Feb 28 20:14:22 EST 1999

Just to add my sixpennyworth, although it has actually been some time 
since I was actively photographing butterflies, I used the following system:

Canon T90 body in conjunction with Canon 200mm Macro lens plus Canon 
Ringflash.... occasionally on a supported short monopod.

The long lens was actually hand held mostly, but the speed of the 
flash took care of any shake and the size of the lens gave a 
comfortable lens to subject distance so as not to spook the beast 
with its own reflection!

The trouble with using a lens of shorter focal length, is that object 
distance goes down too, with the attendendant risk of casting a 
shadow over the subject which then takes flight.

Hopes this adds to the general state of confusion!!

Paul G7JRX.
Southport, United Kingdom.
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