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> > However, I have a situation/application which prevents me from using a
> > solid form of either of the foregoing and it has been suggested that
> > "painting" the abdomens with either of these products or another
> > suitable solution, would achieve my goal.
> I havn't heard of this method.
> Another chemical method that has hardly any odor compared to the 
> napthalene/paradichlorobenzene products is to buy a Vapona (dichlorvos
>  insecticide) no 
> pest resin strip from a local hardware, supermarket or variety store for about
>  $6.00. The 
> strips slowly release a dichlorvos vapor that is lethal to insects, but not
>  harmful to warm 
> blooded animals if not abused.

This subject has come up before and I disagree. The insectiside is 
an Acetycholine-esterase inhibitor. This means that it poisons a nerve
transmitter. The effects of exposure can be clinical depression or other
mental symptoms. It is, of course,a matter of personal choice but I would
prefer not to have such substances in my living or working environment.

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