Banana Waspmoth

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Dear listers,

> >Can anyone provide the name for and possibly point to any images available
> >of the little dark Syntomid moth with the dark metalic green HW bases that
> >regularly shows up on imported bananas here the the frigid north ?
> I think there's more than one, and they're in the genus Antichloris. The
> name "syntomid" is archaic, incidentally. They're Arctiids, subfamily
> Ctenuchinae.

Doug's correct, there is more than one, some in the genus
Antichloris, some not.  I just recently had a student bring me one
from his house.  After telling me he had found it on his kitchen
counter, I asked him to go home and bring me the pupa off the most
recent bunch of bananas he'd bought.  Next day I had the pupal case.

As for the one you are interested in, you'll have to give a more
detailed description to allow appropriate placement to species.


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