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Sat Jan 9 11:45:48 EST 1999

Just in time for the 1999 Lepidopterist's Society meeting
in Sierra Vista, Arizona, we are pleased to announce two extensively
illustrated webpages:

(1)  The Butterflies of SE Arizona,

The coverage is essentially complete, including a number of very rare
Total:  265 species, 258 (97 percent) figured

Breakdown by family:

Hesperiidae (Skippers)    [111  species,  110 figured]
Papilionidae (Swallowtails)  [11  species, 10 figured]
Pieridae (Whites and Sulphers)  [30  species, 29 figured]
Lycaenidae (Blues and Hairstreaks)  [31  species, 30 figured]
Riodinidae (Metalmarks)  [10 species, all figured]
Nymphalidae (Brush-footed butterflies)  [72 species, 69 figured]

(2)  The moths of SE Arizona

This page is still very much under construction, and is certain to
contain errors and missing species.  Hence, any comments/corrections are

So far:  878 listed species  (from 18 families),  748 (85 percent) of
these are figured 

Breakdown by family:

Sphingidae (Hawkmoths) [43 Species listed, all figured] 
Saturniidae (Silkmoths) [27 Species listed, 26 figured] 
Mimallonidae (Sack-bearer moths) [1 Species listed, figured] 
Apatelodidae (Apatelodid Moths) [2 Species listed, both figured] 
Lasiocampidae (Tent Caterpillars) [ 16 Species listed, 13 figured ] 
Notodontidae (Prominents) [33 Species listed, 32 figured] 
Arctiidae (Tiger moths) [62 Species listed, all figured] 
Lymantriidae (Tussock Moths) [2 Species listed, one figured] 
Sesiidae (Clear-wing moths) [28 Species listed, 10 figured] 
Geometridae (Inch-worms and Loopers) [207 Species listed, 178 figured]
Noctuidae (Cutworms) [412 species listed, 358 of which are figured]  
Tineidae (Clothes moths and their relatives) [8 Species listed, all
Psychidae (Bagworm moths) [2 Species listed, both figured] 
Cossidae (Carpenter- and Leopard-moths) [16 Species listed, 14 figured] 
Zygaenidae (Smoky Moths and Burnets) [5 Species listed, all figured] 
Megalopygidae (Flannel Moths) [6 Species listed, all figured] 
Limacodidae (Slug-caterpillars) [7 Species listed, all figured] 
Dalceridae [1 Species listed, figured] 

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