Looking for book on lep eyes .....(Shinkyo-Press,1963)

Sunsol Daniels MYTZ14A at prodigy.com
Sun Jul 11 09:19:39 EDT 1999

>Does anyone know where I can find the following reference?
>  Yagi, N. and N. Koyama. 1963. The compound eye of the lepidoptera,
>- Press. 319 pp.
>I've had the hardest time tracking it down.....
>David L. Rice III
>Fish and Wildlife Division, Camp Lejeune
I have heard that there are great book-finding sites on the web. They
direct you to the independant rare book stores that have the book you
want.  As a result of these sevices, business at antique book stores is
booming.  But maybe the book is current?

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