New moths (to me anyway)

Ian Thirlwell Ian at
Sun Jul 11 09:22:57 EDT 1999

It's a lovely moth don't you agree? The hawks provide great conversation
pieces with the neighbours, curious as to what is going on. Privet is not
the largest hawk that occurs in GB. Death's-head Hawk (Acherontia atropos)
averages a bit larger, but this is an uncommon migrant.
Ian Thirlwell
Hampshire, UK
sandydavid wrote in message <37889c00 at>...
>Rather than post full moth trap results I would just like to share my
>exitement at catching four species in my moth trap that I haven't seen
>The privet hawk was very impressive and nextdoors kids loved it, Is it the
>largest britsh hawk?
>Sandy David
>Oakley, Bedfordshire, U.K.

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