Weird eggs around my house

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Wed Jul 14 03:09:10 EDT 1999

> Jim wrote:
> > I'm most concerned this might be moth eggs which
> > might eat my mom's and grandmother's quilts.
> Clothes moths eggs are almost microscopic in size so the big eggs you saw are definately
> not from moths that could damage fabrics. Hope they aren't cockroach egg capsules!
> Paul Cherubini
Moths don't eat quilts unless they are either made of wool or quitled
over wool batting ... both unlikely.
Your visitors are not eggs; they are a larval case and pupa of something
or other, maybe  a fly ... if you check, you will see that the smaller
shell is empty.
I'd take a dustpan and brush or vacuum cleaner and remove them for
aesthetic reasons. Empty the vac. bag, or they'll come right out when
they mature.
Anne Kilmer

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