Weird eggs around my house

Sunsol Daniels MYTZ14A at
Wed Jul 14 08:20:46 EDT 1999

>I have suddenly in the last day or so noticed these little football
>dark brown seed-like eggs, very hard. They are glued to the wall,
>etc. Near each is a smaller light brown, or light reddish brown, globe-
>seed. The small one kind of looks like a sesame seed or a tomato seed.
>larger hard dark brown one looks very much like a baby football. It
>obvious that some kind of bug has laid lots of eggs in my  house all of
>a sudden, but this is wierd and I don't know what it could be. I am in
>the country in New Jersey and have LOTS of bugs around here, many of
>which get in the house. I'm most concerned this might be moth eggs
>might eat my mom's and grandmother's quilts. Most anything else I can
>handle but would like to know about.
>Thanks in advance for any pointers,
Put them in a jar and see what comes out.

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