Funereal Duskywing Q.

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Thu Jul 22 15:44:44 EDT 1999

Greetings all!
I am trying to find the account for the Funereal Duskwing (Erynnis
funeralis) in Scott's book but am having no luck.  Is this a new species
name?  Does anyone know what this butterfly could have formerly been
known as?
Thanks! >>
Peterson Field Guides on Western Butterflies gives the following account on
page 401
  FUNEREAL DUSKYWING Erynnis funeralis       Pl. 38   1 5/~16~ in. (33-38 mm).
Forewing narrow and pointed. Hindwing  more or less triangular. Upperside:
Black. Forewing with brown  patch at end of cell. Hindwing outer margin with
white fringe. SIimilar species: (I) Mournful Duskywing has broader forewings
and  submarginal white band on underside of hindwing. (2) Other  white-fringed
duskywings also have broader forewings and most  lack reddish brown discal
patch on forewing. EARIY STAGES: Caterpillar is pale green with yellow
subdorsal stripe, dark mid-dorsal  stripe, blue below, and black head. FOOD:
Legumes such as New  Mexican locust, bush lotis, alfalfa, and many other
legumes.  FLIGHT: Feb.—Sept. in s. Calif., all year in se. Ariz. (3 or more
flights). RANGE: Resident from deep Southwest south through  mainland tropical
Amer. to Argentina. Strays north to ne. Neb.,  cen. Colo., s. Nev., n. Calif.,
and n. Ill. HABITAT: Desert washes,  foothill ravines, gardens, alfalfa fields,
and other open, generally  arid locales. REMARKS: Males perch along dry washes
or adjacent  flats, periodically flying back and forth. Adults visit flowers
avidly.  Some consider this skipper a subspecies of the more eastern  Zarucco
Roger J.

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