Buckeyes in Ontario

Benoît Watier watb at videotron.ca
Tue Jul 27 14:28:32 EDT 1999

Hi, today i catch junonia ceonia in Longueuil(Québec)!!!!
It's very rare!!
It's the first time i catch this butterflys in this region.
Pierre-Luc Watier
"Chris J. Durden" wrote:
> Don,
>   I took a worn *Precis g. coenia* - COMMON BUCKEYE at the park incinerator
> in 1954 or 1955. It is the basis of the record in the 1963 checklist of
> butterflies of Algonquin Park. I shall check the specimen next week for the
> exact date.
>   In 1954 the park was swarming with monarchs and I was feeding them to pet
> ravens and wondering why they did not vomit. Later that year I visited Dr.
> Urquhart and he told me about the catbirds that ate wintering monarchs
> (only the ones with tags) at Lighthouse Point near the Appalachicola River,
> Florida. The birds beat the scientists by many years with the discovery
> that northern monarchs are less toxic than southern!
> ...........Chris Durden, Austin TX
> At 07:08  24/07/99 GMT, you wrote:
> >The invasion continues. One was spotted this week 75 km east of Toronto
> >at Darlington Provincial Park, and two more 150 km east of Toronto on
> >the north shore of Lake Ontario at Presqu'ile Provincial Park.
> >
> >The Toronto Rare Bird Hotline reported tonight that the first-ever
> >buckeye reached Algonquin Provincial Park this week. For those
> >unfamiliar with Algonquin, its about a 3.5 to 4 hour drive north of
> >Toronto, a huge wilderness park of mixed forests, rocky hills and
> >outcroppings, bears, wolves, moose, etc.
> >
> >Don Davis
> >Toronto, ON
> >
> >

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