not political

Semjase semjase at
Fri Jul 30 15:01:16 EDT 1999

>Lep lovers and wanna be politicians-
>First of all, this is a lep. list not political science. So please some
>kind person from whatever political realm the come from send me the address
>to send commands for this list so i can get the hell off of it. If I wanted
>to listen to some frivolous political BS I would simple go to a chat room.
>Bunch of babies crying about the politics of US. Go live in hills or run
>for office and be active, but for the sake of this leps or get
>Kent P. McFarland
>Senior Research Biologist
>Vermont Institute of Natural Science
>27023 Church Hill Road
>Woodstock, VT  05091
>802-457-2779   x124 voice mail,  x216 fax
>KMcFarland at
>Please visit our web page:
This message does not make sense.  First you ask to be dropped from the list
which of course can be arranged then you want us to leave also.  Please make up
your mind on this.

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