Attracting California Sisters?

Semjase semjase at
Wed Jun 2 13:18:31 EDT 1999

>           drdn at "Chris J. Durden" writes:
>> ---
>>   Ok, nothing unusual here, nothing I am not exposed to from flies from my
>> neighbors' dog run.

Dog runs can be problematic!

>>   Salmonella most of us catch at least once before we die. A little care in
>> kitchen routine and food choice helps here.
I think I don't care to see your cooking.

 (Wash that chicken before you
" kook it"

Good name for throwing rotted glop around.

>>   Shigella has occurred in my locality in the last few years at least once
>> among diners at a certain upscale restaurant (according to the county
>> health officer to whom my case was reported), although my case showed up
>> after dining on airline food.

Perhaps the airlines are ramping up your immune system, you need that!  Hmmmm
maybe it wan't the airlines after all.

  Staph. aureus is the beast of boils, is it not?

It sure is,  as well as food poisoning and toxic shock syndrome.
>Indeed it is. It is common skin bacterium. 

This is correct but the most common is Staph. epidermides.
>>   C. botulinum sems to be the most dangerous but is out there all the time.
>Of course and it needs anaerobic conditions in order to multiply.

That could have been attained in the fermenting glop bucket, depends on
conditions,  however the bacteria is not the problem it is the toxin produced
that is so deadly and this toxin will survive in aerobic conditions. 
>>   Seems to me that if you live anywhere where there are live butterflies
>> you may encounter these other normal inhabitants of our environment.

Only if Glop Man is busy

It seems to me this wasonly posted to Chris in a private email, I will have to
check to see if I made a mistake.


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