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>   Ok, nothing unusual here, nothing I am not exposed to from flies from my
> neighbors' dog run.
>   Salmonella most of us catch at least once before we die. A little care in
> kitchen routine and food choice helps here. (Wash that chicken before you
> kook it.)
>   Shigella has occurred in my locality in the last few years at least once
> among diners at a certain upscale restaurant (according to the county
> health officer to whom my case was reported), although my case showed up
> after dining on airline food.
>   Staph. aureus is the beast of boils, is it not?

Indeed it is. It is common skin bacterium. 

>   C. botulinum sems to be the most dangerous but is out there all the time.

Of course and it needs anaerobic conditions in order to multiply.

>   Seems to me that if you live anywhere where there are live butterflies
> you may encounter these other normal inhabitants of our environment. Hardly
> worth crying "WOLF" over a little butterfly bait?
> .......Chris Durden
> afterthought -
>   The biggest risk seems to me to be the rapid implementation (prior to
> long term testing) of new technologies based on molecular manipulation that
> may eventually turn out to compromise our immune systems. After these we
> may be done for! 

Well. It may well be the ecological effects that are more significant.

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