Cease & Desist Bt Use?

Cheryl A. Heinz cah13 at NOSPAM.cornell.edu
Thu Jun 3 12:35:21 EDT 1999

In article <374DB58A.3648 at concentric.net>, paulcher at CONCENTRIC.NET wrote:

> Here is an analogy: If a Cornell scientist put flouride or chlorine on a
> milkweed leaf and monarch caterpillars died when they ate it, how many
> of you on this list think it would be conceivable that chlorinated or
> flourinated drinking (i.e.crop irrigation) water would pose a threat to
> monarchs and other non-target leps? If most of you would say it's
> inconceivable, how would you make your case to the public that the
> studies the hypothetical Cornell scientists want done on flouride and
> chlorine are a waste?  How would you answer critics who would say you
> are immoral and valueless and just interested in being able to trade in
> that Lexus every year for the newest model?

Off topic, but I couldn't resist. 

Interestingly, Ithaca, NY (the city where Cornell is) does not put
fluoride in the drinking water. 

Every now and then it comes up, but there's some (very vocal) segment of
the local population that seems to be absolutely convinced that the
fluoridation is some sort of communist plot. (Nonetheless, they continue
to allow children to receive fluoride treatments in schools, and local
dentists promote the use of fluoride rinses to adults.) 


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