Where, exactly, is the face on a Dogface?

John Acorn janature at compusmart.ab.ca
Thu Jun 3 11:26:21 EDT 1999

Hi Folks,

Since things seem to have become much more quiet and amicable here lately,
let me distract the group from the topic of Bt corn by posing a question
with almost no practical significance whatsoever.  On a Dogface butterfly
(genus Zerene), I have always seen the profile of a poodle, with its mouth
closed but the lips a bit puckered, the mouth sitting at about the mid-point
between the leading and trailing edge of the front wing.  The other day, I
looked again, and realized it might really be a Shi-Tzu, with its mouth wide
open (much closer to the trailing edge), and a double-bumped nose.  Any
comment on this rarified lepidopterotrivial puzzle?

John Acorn

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