Common names

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Fri Jun 4 07:34:27 EDT 1999

Mostly I was bragging on my pine marten. Painted Buntings are nice, but
a pine marten at your bird feeder is glorious. I like the idea of a
special font. Won't work well in email though. 
Not all bugs deserve all caps ... And cockroaches should have a
different font than ox beetles, I fancy. Even butterflies might not all
require Poster Bodoni. But some do. 

Didn't seee a thing on my swing down through Roundstone, but
green-veined whites (Pieris napi) and some hail. 
Anne Kilmer

John Acorn wrote:
> Right on Jim!
> Couldn't agree more.  I suppose that someone might even suggest that we
> italicize English names (and yes, this is a better way to refer to them than
> "common names") the same way we do the scientific.  That would be nice,
> don't you think?  Or perhaps some jazzy font, like an old-fashioned British
> with lots of swirls and curly-cues, or the type they used in the wild west,
> with big blocky things on the tops and bottoms of each letter.  Let's take
> some pride in our bugs, and tell the world they deserve more than normal
> type.  (And yes, I am mostly kidding here-- please don't take this too
> seriously and start a big argument...)
> John Acorn
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> >From: "Jim Taylor" <1_iron at>
> >To: <janature at>, <viceroy at>
> >Subject: Re: Common names
> >Date: Thu, Jun 3, 1999, 7:21 AM
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> >Folks, I had a pair of PAINTED BUNTINGS at my feeder this morning.
> >Capitalization of the first letter is simply insufficient for these birds. I
> >am considering underscoring and bold type as well.
> >(Make you homesick, Anne?)
> >Jim Taylor
> >South Georgia

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