Rhamnus (coffeeberry) leps?

Laurel Godley godley at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 4 13:35:47 EDT 1999

Has anyone ever noted Western Tiger Swallowtail (Pterourus Rutulus) using 
coffeeberry (Rhamnus Californica) as a host plant?

My book says that the Pale Swallowtail (P. eurymedon) will use this but 
makes no reference to the Western.  I ask because my brother collected an 
egg that a female Western had laid on what I believe is the coffebeery 

I have also collected some small leaf rollers on this same tree.  The 
resulting pupae are very very tiny; smaller than an average (if there is 
such thing) grain of white rice.  These small pupae are a glossy brown 
color.  Some sort of notural micro-lep I would guess.

Jim K... if you are there, want some more random moths?

Best wishes...  Laurel in not so sunny San Jose, CA (yes there was snow on 
the peaks of the Santa Cruz mnts yesterday!  Global warming, what global 

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