Rhamnus (coffeeberry) leps?

Sjaak Koster Sjaak.Koster at wxs.nl
Wed Jun 9 14:51:02 EDT 1999

Hello Laurel,

These pupae could very well belong to the genus Sorhagenia. A
Microlepidoptera genus in the family Cosmopterigidae-Chrysopeleiinae. 
So far only known in the Holarctic region. 11 species in the Palaearctic
(2 undescribed) and 5 in the Nearctic (4 described by Hodges in the
sixties and seventies). From the species of which the biology has
established, they all feed on the species of Rhamnaceae. From the
Nearctic species the immature stages of just one species has been known
(_Sorhagenia nimbosa_ (Braun, 1915). Therefore try to rear these little
fellows and I like to examen them.

Best wishes,


Sjaak.Koster at wxs.nl

Laurel Godley wrote:
> I have also collected some small leaf rollers on this same tree.  The
resulting pupae are very very tiny; smaller than an average (if there is
such thing) grain of white rice.  These small pupae are a glossy brown
color.  Some sort of notural micro-lep I would guess.<

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