Dusky Wing IDs

Troy Bartlett bartlett at accessgenesis.net
Sat Jun 5 22:11:15 EDT 1999

I just returned from a trip to the Grand Canyon and I came back with some
photos of some Dusky Wings.
Unfortunately, I'm not that familiar with them and after checking with my
field guides I'm unsure exactly which species they are.

If you can help identify them, the pictures are available on my website,
and here are the URLs:
High resolution scans are available by clicking on the pictures, but be
warned that those are large files.

They may or may not all be the same species.  I took these photos at two
different locations, but all the details as to where and when are available
on the webpages.

I'm thinking they might be _Erynnis telemachus_.
Troy Bartlett
mailto:troy at troyb.com
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