English names for the British leps

John Acorn janature at compusmart.ab.ca
Mon Jun 7 10:52:28 EDT 1999


Just thought I would voice a North American opinion that is not against the
British common names.  It seems to me that 1) these names have a long
history, and are accessible to anyone with a field guide to the British leps
(and those who don't have this sort of reference presumably shouldn't care
exactly what species are being referred to), and 2) we use the English
language on this list server, so English names are not beyond us.  Of
course, I would prefer to see both the English and the Latin names in all
postings, but let's give credit where it is due.  The British have a
more-or-less stable set of English names for their fauna-- something many of
us are still struggling to promote over here.

John Acorn

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