identifying beetles

Michael Philip mmphilip at
Mon Jun 7 15:10:31 EDT 1999

I think that you may have found beetles in the family Silphidae.  One group
of silphids is black, round, flattish, and with a yellow pronotum with a
black spot in the middle.  Like you said they are a little larger than a
penny.  They belong to the genus Silpha.  They are carrion feeders and are
fairly common (at least here in Michigan).  That would be my best guess.

Michael Philip
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doctoroe at wrote in message <7jgnei$pt6$1 at>...
>I've seen quite a few beetles, but these are new ones on me:
>Found a bunch of them scurrying around the side of
>an oak tree..looks like maybe they had crawled out of the
>ground at the tree's base. They are black and yellow...kinda
>remind you of bumblebee colors, and about that size. Fairly
>round, a little larger than a penny. The back of the lower thorax is
>black..the prothorax is yellow with a kind of square black
>design in the middle.  Any idea what these are?  I collected a few
>just in case, they are something the bug experts need to
>look at.Location is central North Carolina.
>Thanks  NC
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