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llecerf at videotron.ca llecerf at videotron.ca
Tue Jun 8 21:32:03 EDT 1999

I think I am not able to answer correctly the difficult question you
have in english. I will move your message to a butterfly newsgroup, and
many butterfly enthousiasts will receive your question. Hope somebody
could help you.
Please answer to Vicky directly.

Laurent Lecerf

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De:	Elizabeth Holland-Lloyd [SMTP:Unahl at tesco.net]
Date:	8 juin, 1999 11:26
À:	llecerf at videotron.ca

Dear website owner,
I am doing an essay on lepidopterous (butterfly) and was wondering if
you could help with the following question.
'Describe the life cycle of a named Lep...(butterfly), to include the
advantages and disadvantages of metamorphosis, the different dietry
requirements at each stage and the reasons behind the physical and
metabolic changes seen'

I dont know if you are able to help, but it would be greatly
appreciated, the other thing is that I am in a bit of a hurry, so as
soon as possible would be great.  My email address is

vixen106 at hotmail.com

thanks for your time.
I await your reply.
yours sincerely

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