Northern Ontario Monarch Sightings

Donald A. Davis donald.davis at
Wed Jun 9 21:35:59 EDT 1999

I remember Dr. Fred Urquhart stating that monarchs sometimes arrive in
Northern Ontario about the same time they do around Lakes Erie and Ontario.
Data posted on the Journey North Data Base by Alan Wilson of Elliott Lake
further supports this.

Elliott Lake is located about 240 direct miles north-west from downtown
Toronto, and about 33 miles east of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Sault
Ste. Marie, Michigan. (Latitude 46.3 N, Longitude 82.5 W). One might say
this is the far northern end of Southern Ontario, or the south end of
Northern Ontario. Pretty rugged country where logging and mining are major
industries, as well as tourism.

Alan reports that on June 6th, he found 150 monarch eggs in 4 local
patches, and saw one female, in excellent condition, laying eggs.

Please keep those Canadian monarch sightings coming in! Journey North
appreciates them! Thanks, Gary, for the Manitoba report.

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

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