What's in a name ---conclusion

Gary Anweiler gganweiler at sprint.ca
Wed Jun 9 02:09:44 EDT 1999

In the past year or two we have managed to create a growing group of moth
nuts here in Alberta.  I believe this has been greatly facilitated by our
need for and access to names.  Until we were able to apply names to the
moths we found it was difficult to create much energy around them. If we
didn't know what it was, we could not learn much about it - how significant
it was - etc.  The ability and opportunity to provide names for each others
specimens was one of the main activities at our gatherings - and still is
as we each tend to focus on a different "group".  A couple of generalist
entomologists are developing a real interest in the moths, including my own
passion - the noctuids - as a direct result of having access to someone who
can name them for them.  And look how often a citizen posts to this group -
requesting a name or id.

Which name is the "proper" or "current" name is of less importance - and is
almost esoterica at these gatherings - comes up more at 2 AM under the MV
light at the sheet when we all are getting a bit punchy.  What is critical
is having a starting place to put the bug into some kind of context.  In my
database I have a place for synonyms to help track them - no big deal.

It is late - and I fear I am starting to babble.   Oh yeah, it is nice to
see folks making an effort
be a bit less heer aggressive as well.  Thanks John et al.

Ta ta

Gary Anweiler, Edmonton Alberta .. a place where it is winter half the year
and then it doesn't get dark until 11 PM - tough country for moth
enthusiats !. 


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