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Wed Jun 9 14:49:24 EDT 1999

Kevin Caley wrote:

>(PS isn't it
>'P. atricapillus', Doug?).

Could well be, I'm not a birder - virtually all the species epithets I have
memorized are insects, and we're talking thousands (ain't got much room for
more). I'd never be able to remember that many 8-digit numbers. ;-)

Michael Gochfeld wrote:

>Moreover, the strict cladists arguing for dichotomous branching at every
>level, would leave us with numerous levels of branching such that the
>similarity between two "species" within Genus A may be much greater than
>that between two "species" in genus B.

Genera have *always* been that The bee genus Perdita has over 800
species in it, but it's monophyletic so it's a perfectly *good* genus. The
subgenera that Timberlake named are clearly artificial (nothing more than
glorified species-groups, really), so splitting that genus up would be a
BAD thing. Other bee genera have one, two, three species in them, and
that's not a cladist has ever proposed that genera have to all
be the same size, just that they should be monophyletic.

>I don't know whether molecular genetics will revolutionize the field by
>providing the final definitive evidence on genetic distance between
>taxa----but I'll bet that if we had "true" genetic distances, we'd still
>find it chaotic and confusing. We'd find a
>n infinite spectrum of distances that we would be trying to shoe-horn into
>our concepts of species, genera, families, etc, by inserting subs, infras,
>supers, etc---until we were dizzy.
>Nomenclature cannot keep up with systematic knowledge.

"Distance" is irrelevant to both cladistics AND nomenclature. Keeping up is
pretty much dependent only on how good a job folks did before molecular
techniques came along. If every named genus proved to be monophyletic, for
example, the nomenclature wouldn't have to change at all.


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