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Wed Jun 9 14:57:14 EDT 1999

Dear listers,

> >  (I wrote:)  I truly *do* believe that the English speaking
> >world is very ethnocentric in terms of demanding common name usage.
> >This is nothing short of inconsiderate and rude to the rest of the
> >world . . .

Then John Grehan wrote:

> But not all members of the English speaking world are making
> the demand for common name usage.

Of course not.  This was even the point I was trying to make.  You 
know how when you are writing something off the top of your head, you 
don't always catch yourself when you make blanket statements.  I 
clearly should have said that there is a much larger percentage (at 
least it seems so to me -- no, I don't have any data) of 
English-speakers promoting/demanding use of common names.  John, I, 
too, am *not* among them.  As far as I'm concerned, it is a shame 
that the scientific name is not used in all cases as the common name. 
One set of names (instead of two) would really make this discussion 


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