English Names

Nigel Venters venters at iinteralpha.co.uk
Thu Jun 10 13:43:56 EDT 1999

John Acorn wrote in article 
> Butter-folks,
> I get the feeling that we are acheiving something here.  Let's keep it
> going, and see what progress we can instigate.
> Chris Durden has suggested that "we need an open forum for a
> of vulgar names."  

I 'm not trying to invoke one-upmanship here, but as someone who has
discovered two species of butterfly new to science......when it comes to
the specific latin name..... I'll call them what I want!......and I'll also
give them a common name if I want! Why should you all vote on the issue?
What was the original common name the first collector/describer called
them? if he had no common name what was the first recorded common name used
by others? Lets all use this as a rule of thumb! I personally prefer Latin
names that we can all identify with!

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