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John Acorn janature at
Tue Jun 8 11:02:04 EDT 1999

Bill Cornelius Wrote:

>Speaking of arguemetative butterfly people, (I'm talking to you, punk!),
>Carl Jung's archtypes discribe a subconsious connection between flashing
>swords and butterflies, and the Ryder- Waite Tarot deck has a butterfly
>on the suit of swords. This symbology may be out of style, but maybe
>it's not.
>Bill Cornelius

This is fascinating, if a bit depressing, and something I hadn't thought
about.  It reminded me that in traditional Kung Fu, one of the classic
weapons is indeed the "Butterfly Swords."  Perhaps it is our destiny to spar
until our scales rub off (but I hope not).

John Acorn

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