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>Bill Cornelius Wrote:
>>Speaking of arguemetative butterfly people, (I'm talking to you, punk!),
>>Carl Jung's archtypes discribe a subconsious connection between flashing
>>swords and butterflies, and the Ryder- Waite Tarot deck has a butterfly
>>on the suit of swords. This symbology may be out of style, but maybe
>>it's not.
>>Bill Cornelius
>This is fascinating, if a bit depressing, and something I hadn't thought
>about.  It reminded me that in traditional Kung Fu, one of the classic
>weapons is indeed the "Butterfly Swords."  Perhaps it is our destiny to spar
>until our scales rub off (but I hope not).
>John Acorn
  The fierce butterfly in the Pogo comic strip had a large set of false
teeth, although the only ditrysian I know of that retains mandibles to
adulthood is a large pink sphingid from Mexico.
  There is are Oriental pierid and a Neotropical swallowtail genera that
have a sharp denticulate costa on the male forewing. This is used in aerial
duels of wing shredding above the canopy.
..........Chris Durden

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