Callosamia promethia foodplants...

Sunsol Daniels MYTZ14A at
Fri Jun 11 08:57:00 EDT 1999

mothman617 at (Mothman617) wrote:
>I have quite a bit of experience in rearing C. promethea. In fact it is 
one of
>the easiest of the native Saturnids to breed. The best foodplants to 
start with
>is either Sasafrass, Spicebush or Black Cherry (P. serotina). The female 
>lay about 30 to 75 eggs and young larvae will emerge in about two weeks. 
>the first few instars the foodplant must be changed daily. After 24 hrs 
>leaves will become tough and dry.

Don't food preferences partly depend upon the population in question?  

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