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Fri Jun 11 19:40:13 EDT 1999

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>Two sets of names is what we'd like, I think, on this list ...
>scientific and common (needn't be English ... whatever language comes
>handy) and a light-hearted approach to life if possible. 
>As Pogo said, "Don't take life so serious, son; it ain't nohow

Summer is finally her in the UK and the umbellifers are in flower and
attracting there usual crowd of insects.  I am waiting my first sighting of
the year of Rhagonycha fulva (Col: Cantharidae).  This small red and black
beetle goes by the name of "Soldier Beetle" in most field guides, or is
called "Poisonous" or a "Bloodsucker" if you are a small schoolboy. 
Howver, for many UK entomologists is goes by the name of "the hogweed
Bonking Beetle", because that's where it sits and that's what it does.  The
name has actually made it into the literature though I can't find the
reference at present.  One wonders if this vernacular name will make the
nest generation of UK filed guides?  



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