Bf of Bodfish

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Fri Jun 11 19:40:17 EDT 1999

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>Clarification needed...  - WHAT COMMON NAME LIST ARE YOU USING? I'd heard
from a Lep. Society person that the only "Variable Checkerspot" was a
Sierran species? thank you.

>Great butterflying near Bodfish in the hills south of Lake Isabella, Kern
>County, California, U.S.A. , Wednesday June 9, 1999:
>Leanira Checkerspot (T. leanira)

Does it matter what common name list, we have the scientific name.  There
does seem to be a lot of fuss over which is the "proper" common name, as
far as I can see use either or all of the variations as long as you use the
scientific name to clarify what you are talking about.  Thanks to the list
I know that Mourning Cloak in the US and Camberwell Beauty in the UK are
the same thing (Nymphalis antiopa).  If, in a conversation the prefered US
name was used, as long as I could clarify what the scientific name of the
thing in question was I would be happy to use either.  If we are going to
argue of what the correct  COMMON name is we may as well not bother to use
them at all. 



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