What is this moth -> Indian Meal Moth + Carpet Beatle?

CraiginNJ ~UseNameForPrefix~ at att.net
Sun Jun 13 05:03:40 EDT 1999

FYI -- My Indian Meal Moth mystery has been solved.  A neighbor was
storing birdseed in their garage two stories below my condo.  I
happened to remember they had a bird feeder and checked into the
possibility of a link.  I even saw larve crawling up the cinderblock
firewall where a gap between the ceiling and wall let them crawl up
the two stories and later come through cracks in my baseboard in my
bedroom closet as moths.  Now that the neighbor is aware of the
problem and disposed of the infested open bag of seed, the pests are
becoming infrequent.

Thanks for the help that guided me to this.


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