Clothes moths

Chris J. Durden drdn at
Mon Jun 14 13:27:56 EDT 1999

  Does anyone else find that DDVP/dichlorvos/vapona has an odor, and is a
mood altering drug? The mood is not a better one! It also reacts with some
metal alloys, with a yellow chrome? oxide powder forming. I use it, but
sparingly and only in dire emergency.
.............Chris Durden

At 02:22  14/06/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Raymond Hettinger wrote:
>> I've had a running (and losing) battle with clothes moths in
>> my Massachusetts home and could use some expert advice
>> short of building a cedar closet and filling my home with fumes
>> from napthalene.  All ideas are welcome from carniverous plants
>> and mantids to some kind of trap or special lighting.
>Six dollar DDVP (dichlorvos) resin (No Pest) strips are available at many
variety stores 
>and will easily take care of moth problems. You need 1 strip per 1000
cubic feet. You 
>won't see or smell anything, but just a tiny amount of DDVP insecticide in
the air will kill 
>virtually any kind of small food or clothes infesting moth within a day.
Won't harm the 
>spiders, carpet beetles, ants and other types of household pests. Won't
kill moth larvae 
>either - just the adults. 
>For adult moth control, DDVP resin strips are a more effective and
odorless alternative to 
>napthalene and the total release pyrethroid aerosol bombs that some people
use to 
>disinfest their homes.
>Paul Cherubini

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