Clothes moths

Paul Cherubini paulcher at
Mon Jun 14 10:22:07 EDT 1999

Raymond Hettinger wrote:
> I've had a running (and losing) battle with clothes moths in
> my Massachusetts home and could use some expert advice
> short of building a cedar closet and filling my home with fumes
> from napthalene.  All ideas are welcome from carniverous plants
> and mantids to some kind of trap or special lighting.

Six dollar DDVP (dichlorvos) resin (No Pest) strips are available at many variety stores 
and will easily take care of moth problems. You need 1 strip per 1000 cubic feet. You 
won't see or smell anything, but just a tiny amount of DDVP insecticide in the air will kill 
virtually any kind of small food or clothes infesting moth within a day. Won't harm the 
spiders, carpet beetles, ants and other types of household pests. Won't kill moth larvae 
either - just the adults. 

For adult moth control, DDVP resin strips are a more effective and odorless alternative to 
napthalene and the total release pyrethroid aerosol bombs that some people use to 
disinfest their homes.

Paul Cherubini

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