Utility corridors

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Thu Jun 17 13:12:04 EDT 1999

This whole idea is a great one, and if we could encourage the utilities to
take it seriously (and abandon the use of herbicides), we might be able to
turn these unsightly necessary evils into something really special.

I already (silently) thank the utilities for providing some pretty nice
walking trails (don't know if I'm always legal) through sometimes otherwise
impassible areas.  Can't say much about the potential exposure to
electromagnetic radiation, but we've already established the fact that I
won't likely reach 80 years.  (Does you head also tingle when you walk under
10,000 V lines?).

Seriously, though, if all of this butterfly hype can get the utilities
interested in marketing their eco-friendliness, then I think we ought to do
everything we can to encourage them.  Heck, I might even start using my air

Mark Walker.

Jim Mason wrote:

> John,
> It is my understanding that it was a common practice in the past for
> utlilities to use broad-spectrum herbicides (e.g., Tordon) 
> along utility
> corridors for brush control.  You might see if this is true 
> in your case and
> if there is an alternative the company is willing to pursue 
> (annual mowing,
> manual removal/pruning, etc.) either wholly or in selected 
> areas perhaps.
> Jim Mason
> jemason at msn.com

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