new small insect book

Chris Durden drdn at
Fri Jun 18 12:23:55 EDT 1999

  There is a new short introductory guide to insects, with many
illustrations. It is disguised as a childrens' coloring book, but don't let
that fool you.
  Take a look at -

  "Learn About Texas Insects" has one or more species for each suborder of
insects, illustrated and commented on. The illustrations have been
beautifully rendered by Elena Ivy who also chose and designed the
diversions. Choice of insects and text is by Chris Durden. Georg Zappler
kept us on task and on the allotted number of pages, and made sure the text
was understandable while we made sure that Georg left as little white space
as possible. At less than 17 cents a page this book is a steal. Most of the
insects featured range far beyond Texas and the book should be interesting
to all. I sold out my first 10 copies at our local (postage) stamp club at
the last meeting.
...........Chris Durden

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