Monarchs & Bt corn issue update

Mark Walker MWalker at
Fri Jun 18 12:27:02 EDT 1999

Not that I particularly want to start talking about Bt corn again, but over
the weekend I had yet another experience that underscores my biggest problem
with all of this:

The students of the Newcomb Elementary School 6th grade class of 1970 threw
a retirement party for their beloved teacher, Kurt Kasner, on Saturday.  The
profound impact that Kurt had on all of us students is best captured when
you consider the fact that regular reunions have been held over the past 29
years.  Kurt introduced us to writing, painting, rapping (that used to mean
talking), renaissance music, animation, and film making.  As a result, all
of his students have an artistic thread, regardless of occupation.

I had Kurt and his wife Brooke, also an educator (of science), over for a
barbecue on Sunday afternoon.  I couldn't wait to show them my insects and
talk about my escapades.

The first comment that I received as I changed the subject to entomology,
was, "Did you hear about how the Monarchs are being wiped out in Kansas by
pesticides from the corn fields?"

Awareness is a good thing, but if you want to play off of popular opinion,
then you have to be very careful to qualify information before you propagate

Mark Walker.

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