FW: NABA / The Necessary Clout? (was E Names)

Hank & Priscilla Brodkin hankb at theriver.com
Fri Jun 18 12:17:34 EDT 1999

We are both NABA members and LepSoc members - though our recent interest
in butterflies was sparked by NABA.

Several points - and a question.
We are not collectors ourselves - although many of our friends are and
we have spent countless hours pouring over butterfly collections.  I
think that most NABA members are in this middle ground - and certainly a
proportion of NABA members are collectors.

Now regarding the NABA species name list.  The folks on that committee
were (and still are?) Brian Cassie, Jeffrey Glassberg, Paul Opler, Bob
Robbins, and Guy Tudor. At least some of these are active professional
academic lepidopterists, members of the Lepidopterist Society, who
certainly do collect at least for scientific purposes.  Authors of
articles in NABA's magazine "American Butterflies" also include
professionals who do collect butterflies.

Admittedly Jeff Galssberg's goal is to get away from collecting and the
use of scientific names in the general articles in the magazine.  Many
of us like scientific names because (a) they are interesting in
themselves, and (b) they help give an idea about the relationship of one
organism to the other and would like to see scientific names
parenthesized in articles in American Butterflies.

Now for the question - There are some 3000 members of NABA.  How many
LepSoc members also belong to NABA and how many NABA members have, after
joining NABA, and having their curiosity and interest inspired by NABA
have then joined LepSoc and the ATL?

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