Origins of NABA's Membership, etc.

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at
Fri Jun 18 19:08:52 EDT 1999

" It's a bit  ironic that the only opposition to NABA seems to come from
other butterfly

It's also ironic that some NABA members object to the very thing that
allowed for guide books in the first place --- collecting.

Perhaps its best put this way --- I know of NO members of the Lep. Soc
who object to individuals who want to exclusive be involved in butterflying
gardening or observation only.  However, there are (again, hopefully few,
but alas, starting at the top) NABA members who strongly object to
collecting.  It is this asymmetry that is the source of the friction between the
groups.   Its simply a pro-choice issue:  I'm all for individuals deciding
just how they want to study butterflies and to given them all the
encouragement possible.  There is no "best" way, but rather a number of ways that
nicely compliment each other.


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