Raising Leppers

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Fri Jun 18 19:48:21 EDT 1999

Martha Robinson wrote:

> Anne Kilmer wrote:  
> >Whether your students are children or grandmothers, they >still need
> >support and reassurance. We're good at that, on this list. 
> I'll say!  Thank you to all the listers who knowingly or unknowingly
> helped with our Butterfly I party.  Nine little 
> kid-caterpillars munched
> their way through their eggs, leaves (spinach), their sleeping bag
> (chrysalis) stage, butterfly pizza  and nectar dessert.  
> Little minds that started to wander at the thought of 
> learning scientific
> names, were brought to *full alert* when they heard how 
> scientists fight
> like kids on the playground over the names, and even try to 
> sneak jokes
> into the naming schemes!
>  They loved the idea of being able to communicate with any 
> scientist in
> any country, by learning scientific names.  By the end of the 
> day, they
> were pronouncing them in "carrying tones" that were most impressive.  
> Happy Lepping,

How perfectly wonderful!  I guess good things do result from our animated
discussions.  Funny how it's never what you think, though.  Who would have
thought that our silly behavior could be used effectively to reach children?
And Martha has captured the essence of the scientific naming debate
perfectly.  By making it work while making it fun.  Good job!

Mark Walker.

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