NABA - Non-consumptive?

Sharyn Fernandez botany at
Sun Jun 20 22:28:54 EDT 1999

>        The North American Butterfly Association, Inc. (NABA), a non-profit
>organization, was formed in 1992 to educate the public about the joys of
>non-        consumptive, recreational butterflying including listing,
>gardening, observation,              photography, rearing and conservation.
>Membership in NABA is open to all those         who share our purpose.
>It's the "non-consumptive" that shoots me down - but then I prefer moths,
...but actually, they condon raising butterflies from caterpillars, (&
eggs) - that's always seemed a bit "consumptive" to me!


S. Fernandez
Concord CA
botany at

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