"how butterflies are any different"

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Mon Jun 21 21:30:06 EDT 1999

Mike Quinn wrote:

> Dear Mark,
> Butterflies are different from most hymenoptera, diptera, coleoptera,
> micro-lepidotera in that there are field guides to 
> butterflies and most can
> be sight ID'ed to the species level with close-focusing 
> binoculars. The
> other groups generally lack field guides and mostly need to 
> be put under a
> microscope or 10x loope just to be ID'ed to the family level.

O.K., so your point is that in your case, if such differences didn't in fact
exist, then you would be just as opposed to collecting and killing these
other insects as you are to collecting and killing butterflies?  (Actually,
I don't remember if you even said that you WERE opposed to
collecting/killing butterflies, but I will assume that you are).

I guess my only point is that most people who have a problem with butterfly
collecting don't really care or pay any attention at all to the rest of the

Mark Walker.

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