NOT the collecting debate :-)

Martin Hough mothman at
Tue Jun 22 03:56:23 EDT 1999

I think there has been a significant change over the years.
I started, certainly, by collecting moths, back in the sixties. Ever since
I have promoted interest in the hobby, sometimes by mounting exhibitions,
and taking great pleasure in introducing youngsters to the study of
lepidoptera. (They were particularly handy on field outings, when they
could do the running for you!) If this meant that a few specimens suffered
from their depradations, the lifetime interest it gave them was worth the

However, from the mid seventies onwards none of my proteges showed
interest in forming collections themselves- they only wanted to come and
view. Several have still retained the interest into adulthood, and become
much finer entomologists than I will ever be.

Chris Raper wrote:

> Hi
> The recent discussions about NABA and the pro/anti collecting debate
> go me thinking. So I thought I would post the idea here and see what
> you think.
> My question is - are children who are allowed to collect butterfies
> more likely to grow into more serious entomologists - either
> professional or amateur?
> What do you think?
> Chris R.

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