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Tue Jun 22 08:29:28 EDT 1999

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999 08:56:23 +0100, Martin Hough
<mothman at> wrote:

>from the mid seventies onwards none of my proteges showed
>interest in forming collections themselves- they only wanted to come and
>view. Several have still retained the interest into adulthood, and become
>much finer entomologists than I will ever be.

Interesting - and heartening. 

My main worry is that, although 'watching' is good for getting lots of
ordinary people interested in butterflies, and this increases the
funds coming in to conservation trusts and charities, it may not make
serious amateur entomologists. A knock-on effect of the current trend
for collector-bashing may discourage kids from taking up insect
collecting, and in effect reduce still further the number of
non-butterfly entomologists.

Of course there are profesional entomologists out there but not enough
to give the desired coverage or area or insect groups. This means that
amateurs have an even greater role in providing good monitoring
information to conservationists.

Chris R.

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