Butterfly people

Esther Cornelius JayAndEstherC at webtv.net
Tue Jun 22 18:53:32 EDT 1999

Folks: the word we're looking for to discribe the problem with butterfly
people is not snobbery, agressiveness, or anti-anything. The word is
"Fekless" and I believe (correct me if I'm wrong, but don't expect me to
care) that it comes from close association and spiritual bonding with
butterfies. We easily flirt, cut, swipe, buzz, posture, investigate &
mob a tasty idea, & split without a second thought for consequences.
(except for those more human types, but they can't help it, too much
brain, (nya, nya, lable that!)). And furthermore, if these weighty
problems concerning Latin vs common names are ever solved, it will be by
some other group.
with wax
Bill Cornelius

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