Butterfly people

Anne Kilmer viceroy at anu.ie
Wed Jun 23 02:30:22 EDT 1999

Feckless is a fine old Scots word, but I don't think it applies to the
people who are whingeing here. They seem, if anything, dour. Also a
Scots word, and not pronounced dower, as I always said it, but to rhyme
with spoor. 
You, maybe, Bill ... me, certainly, but the collectors aren't feckless.
If you keep forgetting what you're doing, the butterflies mold and the
bugs get into the cases and gobble them up. 

I understand perfectly why y'all are tired of explaining the same thing
to thousands of people, and it is unfortunate that collectors are having
to live down a lot of bad press (remember that time when Tom whatsisname
the evil bug-collector decided he'd work off his community service hours
by posting to the leps list?) ...
but you have an opportunity to educate a lot of people. I think you
might do it best by telling them the truth, if you feel that what you
are doing is indeed morally acceptable. 
On the other hand, if you're just out there entertaining yourself, and
you can't stand another fuzzy bunny-wunny reaction, by all means make up
a tall story. Hunting for two-headed grasshoppers ... dioxin scare ...
radiation ... netting grizzly bears ... whatever. 
The human race is largely staffed by fools and incompetents. I come here
to get away from that. Bless you all. 
Anne Kilmer

Esther Cornelius wrote:
> Folks: the word we're looking for to discribe the problem with butterfly
> people is not snobbery, agressiveness, or anti-anything. The word is
> "Fekless" and I believe (correct me if I'm wrong, but don't expect me to
> care) that it comes from close association and spiritual bonding with
> butterfies. We easily flirt, cut, swipe, buzz, posture, investigate &
> mob a tasty idea, & split without a second thought for consequences.
> (except for those more human types, but they can't help it, too much
> brain, (nya, nya, lable that!)). And furthermore, if these weighty
> problems concerning Latin vs common names are ever solved, it will be by
> some other group.
> with wax
> Bill Cornelius

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