Microscope for Entomology

j2 at netcom.ca j2 at netcom.ca
Tue Jun 22 21:18:31 EDT 1999

Hi my name is John
        I was hoping that someone who is wise in the ways of bugs could tell 
me if a Reichert MAK stereo microscope would be a good choice for a hobbyist 
who is at a University level .Also what kind of a price should one expect to 
pay. The one that I am looking at comes with 8 eyepieces some of different 
magnification and 2 with measuring graticules .The head has X,Y coordinate 
motion with scales so that measurements can be taken .It also comes with  2 
lamps ,the microscope is in like new condition but I believe it is 20years old 

or more.
        Any info on this microscope or recommendations on others would be 
greatly appreciated .I personally know nothing about entomology ,the 
is a gift for someone else.

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