Mt. Baldy, CA 6/22

Mark Walker MWalker at
Tue Jun 22 21:47:46 EDT 1999

Out again during the week - I heard that Thessalia leanira wrightii was
flying, so I headed up to the Mt. Baldy area to see if I could find it.

Lots of butterflies in the mountains these days.  I only had a little over
an hour to play with, so my list is definitely incomplete.  I saw many
butterflies that I could not identify - mostly hairstreaks and skippers.  It
was one of those days that I just didn't feel like swinging my net at every
butterfly that flew by.  I did manage to get into the creek, though.  Always
gotta do that.  Both the Chalcedon and Leanira Checkerspots were quite
common, along with many Bernardino Blues.  Other stuff, too:

Papilio rutulus (Western Tiger Swallowtail) - 1
Papilio eurymedon (Pale Swallowtail) - 5

Colias philodice (Clouded Sulpher) - 1

Satyrium sylvinus (Sylvan Hairstreak) - 1
Habrodais grunus (Golden Hairstreak) - 2
Satyrium tetra (Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak) - 1

Euphilotes battoides bernardino (Bernardino Blue) - > 50
Glaucopsyche piasus (Arrowhead Blue) - 1
Plebejus icarioides (Boisduval's Blue) - > 20
Plebejus acmon (Acmon Blue) - > 20

Chlosyne gabbii (Gabb's Checkerspot) - 1
Thessalia leanira wrightii (Wright's Checkerspot) - 10
Euphydryas chalcedona (Variable Checkerspot) - > 20

Adelpha bredowii (California Sister) - 2
Limenitis lorquini (Lorquin's Admiral) - 2

Hesperia comma (Common Branded Skipper) - 1

Mark Walker
Mission Viejo, CA

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